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Six Pillars of Health and Wellness

Circle Six Coaching was formed so we can help others become the best version of themselves by focusing on the Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, and Intellectual pillars of health and wellness. Our company was founded by Robert Godfrey, CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) after people close to him suffered greatly from preventable disease and stress.


Circle Six vows to not only help people improve their health and wellness habits but maximize their potential.  By focusing on the six pillars of health, our systematic approach helps clients achieve new goals that they never thought possible. We aim to make the world a better place by helping our clients live happier and more fulfilling lives. Nobody should have to face their problems alone, let Circle Six help you create lasting change!



Scheduling Your Path to the New You

After coaching, our clients are typically able to:

Lose Weight

Lower Stress

Eliminate Debt

Eat Healthier

Improve Relationships

Better Manage Work/Life Balance

Improve Athletic Performance

Our coaches combine a unique approach of incorporating scientific studies (e.g., observational, experimental) and tools (e.g., Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology) tailored to each client's needs.  This approach allows Circle Six to provide our clients with an experience above and beyond other coaching services.  We know clients have many options, so that is why we offer a free consultation to ensure that our relationship will be a good fit. We currently offer 30-minute sessions over the phone unless the client requests a video chat. Each session is completely confidential and private. Click below to schedule your free call!

How It Works


At Circle Six Coaching, our mission is for clients to succeed in all six pillars of health and live a long, happy life with minimal disease. We stand apart from the competition because we take a holistic approach to client problems. We not only break down problems into six primary areas of health and wellness but then analyze how each connects together. This helps clients get to the root of the problem(s) as fast as possible. For example, weight issues may be classified in the Physical area but that may be triggered by a poor relationship (Social) that ultimately causes stress eating (Emotional). Then the client may need to learn new skills (Intellectual) on how to interact in that relationship. The client can also apply new techniques (Intellectual) to address the stress immediately. Our competitors may only address the weight problem in the Physical area with solutions like meal planning and exercise whereas Circle Six will identify the actual cause (such as this example's poor relationship and its negative emotions). It's typical that the six health and wellness pillars can overlap and we are trained to look for it. As a result, this empowers the client to remove their blind spots when problem solving.


Circle Six Definitions:


Physical describes anything tangible that we can change such as Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Environment, etc. The client will be able to better manage things like energy levels, hunger, and pain reduction. As one of the most complex areas, it may also include biometric monitoring, nutrition, meal planning, and optimizing the client's surroundings.



Our mission at Circle Six is for clients to succeed in all six pillars of health and live a long life with minimal disease. We feel that if we can help a client replace a negative habit with a positive, that has the power to permanently change lives. Our pledge to you is that we will do everything in our power to help you create lasting change. We not only believe in ourselves but we believe in you, the client. We wake up every day excited to experience our latest client's success alongside them and we have seen some pretty amazing things so far. Click below to schedule your free call and start the transformation into the life you have always wanted!


You may be thinking: "This sounds great but what are some things where coaching may not be right for me?" We are glad you asked!

Here is what Circle Six CANNOT do:

1. Claim that coaching is a substitute for medical treatment.

2. Take clients that may require immediate medical treatment mentally or physically. We are trained to identify if and when a client needs to be referred out to a medical professional such as a doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, etc. 

3. Food plans for clients living in certain states. For example, Maryland law says that only Registered Dieticians can do this.

4. Force our clients to take action. As a result, we cannot always guarantee results since we cannot make the client take action.

5. Coach anyone that represents a conflict of interest. We adhere to the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching Code of Ethics that can be found here.

6. Exceed fair prices. We charge fair industry median prices whereas other competitors may charge twice as much. If you feel that spending over a hundred dollars per session is going to have better results then we probably wouldn't be a good fit. In fact during promotions, our prices are well below the industry average because we want to be affordable to everyone. 

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